Be Well: Essential Medical Notebook Organizer

Be Well: Essential Medical Notebook Organizer

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Be Well: Essential Medical Organizer is a fast, quick, and easy way to keep track of all your child’s
medical issues at your fingertips. This book is designed to be
used in conjunction with your healthcare providers. The medical
notebook organizer helps parents to keep track of what is important,
which immunizations are due, staying on track of growth charts
and milestones, and following any specific medical condition your
child may have. This book is
divided into the following life-cycles
infant, child, young adult, middle-aged, and senior adult so you
can keep all of your child’s medical history (westernized
medicine and complementary medicine, too) in one place for life.
Be Well makes a GREAT baby gift to an expecting family so they
can start their child’s medical record-keeping off to a good

Disclaimer: This notebook is NOT a substitute for medical

Be Well: Essential Medical Organizer – Printed Version

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